Single-Cell Multi-Omics for Hematologic Malignancies Research

Join Mission Bio & the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute for an interactive virtual seminar highlighting the key advantages of single-cell technology that simultaneously measures single-nucleotide variation (SNV), copy number variation (CNV), and protein data from the same cells. Our multi-omics platform connects genotype and phenotype in each cell, dissecting the architecture of tumors with unprecedented resolution.

We are happy to welcome Dr Manel Esteller, Director of Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC). He will present data from his institute on epigenome and epi-transcriptome maps of  normal and transformed cells of leukemia and other malignant blood diseases with the title "Single-Cell Genomics and Proteomics in Myelodysplastic Syndrome".

In addition, Simone Formisano will give an introduction to Mission Bio's Tapestri capabilities on SNV, CNV, and protein sequencing at scale, the workflow and its applications in oncology and cell and gene therapy.

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2022
Time: 14h  CEST


He graduated in Medicine from the Universitat de Barcelona, where he also
obtained his Ph.D. in molecular genetics. Dr. Esteller was a Postdoctoral Fellow and a Research Associate at Johns Hopkins where he studied DNA methylation and human cancer. His work was decisive in establishing promoter hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes as a common hallmark of cancer.

From October 2001 to September 2008 Manel Esteller was the Leader of the CNIO Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory, where his principal area of research were the alterations in DNA methylation, histone modifications and chromatin in human cancer. Since October 2008 until May 2019, Dr Esteller has been the Director of the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology Program (PEBC) in Barcelona. He is currently the Director of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC), Chairman of Genetics in the School of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, and an ICREA Research Professor.

His current research is devoted to the establishment of the epigenome maps in health and disease, and the development of new epigenetic drugs. Author of numerous and highly cited peer-reviewed manuscripts in biomedical sciences, he is also a Member of numerous international scientific societies, Editorial Boards and reviewer for many journals and funding agencies. He has received prestigious recognitions for his scientific
achievements among them the World Health Summit Award, the Swiss Bridge Cancer Award and the EACR Cancer Researcher Award Lecture.


Simone Formisano
Technical Application Liaison
Mission Bio.

Simone Formisano is Technical Application Liaison at Mission Bio. He obtained his Master's Degree in Biotechnology at Columbia University, New York City (United States). Before joining Mission Bio in 2022, Simone completed his Doctorate experimental work in cancer immunotherapy at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Afterward, he contributed to the clinical development of several therapies in solid oncology by joining Daiichi Sankyo as a Medical Science Liaison.


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