Institute Gustave Roussy User Group Meeting

Please join us for a single-cell DNAseq user group meeting. You will hear from different users of Mission Bio how they leverage Tapestri to get insights needed to answer cancer’s toughest questions, reveal its mechanisms of resistance and relapse, and develop effective treatment options.

Mission Bio's Tapestri platform allows single-cell multi-omics analysis with simultaneous detection of SNVs, CNVs, and cell-surface proteins, therefore enabling researchers to accurately characterise the mutational landscape of a population and reveal the impact of co-mutations and zygosity state on cell-surface protein expression. Key applications of the Tapestri's Platform include characterising clonal heterogeneity and clonal evolution, improving patient stratification, and guiding adaptive and rational combination therapies for improving patient outcomes. This single-cell multi-omics approach provides the sensitivity and resolution required to enhance biomarker discovery, better explore mechanisms of action, monitor patients, and untangle therapy resistance mechanisms that are impossible to obtain through traditional methodologies.

Time: 14.00 - 18.00

Room: Diamant Room - Médecine Moléculaire Building

Agenda for March 28th, 2023:

14.00   Welcome & Introduction   Stéphane Colinet, MB
14.10   Single-Cell DNAseq & Applications   Gema Fuerte, MB
14.30   Characterization of a subgroup of patients in the pathophysiology of chronic
myelomonocytic leukemia with no TP53 mutations and transforming more into acute
myeloid leukemia
  Dr. Nathalie Droin
Inst Gustave Roussy
15.00   Pipeline analysis from Alignments to tree inference   Rémy Jelin
Inst Gustave Roussy
15.15   Hematopoietic differentiation at the single-cell level in NPM1-mutated acute myeloid leukemias   Dr. Matthieu Duchmann,
Hôpital Saint Louis
15.45   Dissecting intratumoral heterogeneity in localized HR+/HER2– breast cancer
using single cell sequencing
  Dr. Alicia Tran-Dien
Inst Gustave Roussy
16.15   Leveraging Tapestri for profiling DNA methylation in single-cells   Gema Fuerte, MB
16.45   Meet the Experts at
Food & Drinks
  Mission Bio Team



















In our "Meet the Experts" session at 16.45h you have the possibility to arrange 1:1 with our Mission Bio scientist to discuss your individual project or very specific questions you might have. For this specific session we would like to ask you to fill this short survey so we can prepare the discussion.

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