Unleashing the Power of Single-Cell Multi-Modal Analysis to Advance Precision Biology

Join Mission Bio for an interactive virtual seminar highlighting the key advantages of single-cell technology that simultaneously measures single-nucleotide variation (SNV), copy number variation (CNV), and protein data from the same cells. Our multi-omics platform connects genotype and phenotype in each cell, dissecting the architecture of tumors with unprecedented resolution.

We are happy to welcome Dr. Kendell Clement, Instructor in Pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital who will present at this seminar.

In addition, Simone Formisano will give a short introduction to Mission Bio's Tapestri capabilities on SNV, CNV, and protein sequencing at scale, the workflow and its applications in oncology and cell and gene therapy.

Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Time: 15:00 - 16:00h  CET


Dr. Kendell Clement
Instructor in Pathology
Massachusetts General Hospital

Kendell Clement is a computational biologist interested in the genetic and epigenetic factors that influence disease initiation. He approaches this problem through designing innovative algorithms to analyze experimental assays and novel applications of those assays. He completed his PhD in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology with advisor Alex Meissner, and is completing postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School with advisors Luca Pinello and Keith Joung. His current research focuses on development of CRISPR technology and the application of CRISPR to model disease initiation.


Simone Formisano
Technical Application Liaison
Mission Bio.

Simone Formisano is Technical Application Liaison at Mission Bio. He obtained his Master's Degree in Biotechnology at Columbia University, New York City (United States). Before joining Mission Bio in 2022, Simone completed his Doctorate experimental work in cancer immunotherapy at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Afterward, he contributed to the clinical development of several therapies in solid oncology by joining Daiichi Sankyo as a Medical Science Liaison.


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