Meet Mission Bio at Boston Biotech Week!

Join us at Boston Biotech Week 2022 (27-30 September) - our team would love to see you. Fill out the form on the right to schedule a 1:1 meeting with a Mission Bio team member during the conference.

Visit the Mission Bio team at Booth #338 and be sure to catch our Poster C6 "Gene Edited Ex Vivo Cell Therapy," presented by Nathan Testa.

Arm yourself with a deeper understanding of your therapeutic for more confident characterization. Learn how our Tapestri platform can simultaneously measure multiple genotypic and phenotypic parameters in the same cells, achieving a more comprehensive characterization of your cell therapy. With rich analyses serving as a foundation, you can more robustly identify critical quality attributes and accelerate your path to commercialization.

Want a preview of how Tapestri can enable deeper analysis of cell and gene therapies? Check out the resources below!


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